Curtis’ Dream. “Driving towards Kindness and Understanding”

Our Story

My brothers and I grew up in the quiet neighborhood of Steveston B.C. about 35 minutes from Vancouver. A family of five, just like many others, our family was one of dynamics. Curtis being by far the most energetic of the bunch.

Curtis grew up playing sports and a vast group of his friendships came from baseball and hockey. He was an accomplished soft ball pitcher and a goalie for his hockey teams. 

After high school Curtis began working with the family business at Legear Pelling Insurance. Many clients remember Curtis as an approachable conversationalist with the “gift of the gab”. He knew his stuff and was proud to deliver service to those with insurance needs. He was hard working and driven at his job. 

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Curtis’ Dream

Some of you may remember that Curtis’ pride and joy were the cars he used to drive. Being in insurance (it’s all part to the play). At one point our family owned two of the only 4 versions of the Mitsubishi 3000 GT in BC. 

Curtis used to enjoy delivering insurance to clients, taking friends for rides and showcasing the power behind the car for those who wanted a quick lift. This car was part of who he was at his proudest moment in life. 

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Our Plans

We are looking to raise a sizeable amount of money to repair the car and use it to create awareness of the toxic drug crisis and to distribute harm reduction information as well as Narcan and testing supplies.  

The idea of using the car for this purpose is that it’s a conversation piece. Young people will be drawn to it and it also encompasses a part of my brother and puts a person behind the overdose story. It also brings individuals to the conversation. 

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